ceiling cat is analyzing (and making!) your p0rnz

8 Apr

I’ve become a bit frustrated at the gap between sex educators and sex consumers.  In order to avoid preaching to the choir (and getting lost in my own personal love of academic-speak) I’ve decided to become a sexual secret agent!  I’ll spend my nights making scandalous porn, and spend my days talking about the sexual theory, safety concerns, and social power that influence my work.  One post for every scene.

(see here for my FTC disclosure)

I’m going to be exposing quite a bit of myself in this project, so light a candle to the saint of exhibitionists every once in a while for me. ❤ I’m going to need it.

This will also be a place for me to shamelessly plug myself and my peeps as a sexual health presenters.  If you would like to bring me to speak to your organization, school, or munch email me at realoliverhyde at gmail for booking info.

Now for some ground rules:

All posts will operate from the assumption that all sex between consenting and risk-aware individuals is inherently good.  We’ll also assume that all kinks (even the ones that make us feel uncomfortable) are ok so long as they are done for mutual benefit between risk aware consenting individuals. (btw: if you’re reading this and already thinking, “but oliver, how can you tell for sure if someone is consenting?  how risk-aware do you have to be?  what about agency? and how safe is safe enough?” you get extra points)

We’ll also assume that it’s possible to be a female pornographer, high-femme, slut, and/or submissive and still be a feminist.  <– that one is probably going to be the toughest (fans of feminisnt, you know what I’m talking about).

and while I’m at it, lets also assume that most folks commenting here are well-meaning and intelligent (and probably like-minded) folks.  if one of us makes a mistake, it’s probably just that.  a mistake.  pleas play nice.

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