your daily hedonist: eggs over easy

9 Aug

She’s cooking up something extra special today.

Although I she’s trying to keep it a surprise, I catch on right away by the smile on her face when she gets up to start fixing the usual morning coffee.

I can start to smell something delicious from the kitchen… something involving potatoes? Possibly something else… it smells to complex to just be one of her usual breakfast recipes.

After what seems like a very long while (with all  the delicious smells coming from the kitchen) she comes in with two bowls and a smile ten times wider than the one she had when snuck off to the kitchen.

She’s made golden garlic potatoes with cheddar cheese, eggs over easy, avocado, and jus ta bit of Tapatio.  She’s cooked me eggs over easy many times before (it was one of the first breakfasts she ever perfected for me) but this was a whole new level.

I use the prongs of my fork to gently push past the very tempting avocado slices so I can more easily pop the yolk.  She watches my every move, eager to see me taste it.  I press into the yolk and it yields for just a moment before giving way and spilling its slippery golden contents all over my eggs.

I chose the potato  slice covered in the most yolk for my first bite.

And it is pure heaven.

After indulging the feeling of the warm yolk-potatoes in my mouth for what feels like hours, I take a few more bites from similar potatoes, this time getting just a bit more cheese.  The flavor is getting more and more full-bodied and melty as the cheese mixes with the yolk when I finally choose a bite with avocado.

and then I melt

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