the daily hedonist: but you’re not even touching!

6 Sep

My legs still shaking from the game of leg-grind chicken we’d warmed up with, I try to stand to relieve the pressure on my head.

He’s pulling my hair harder than anyone has ever pulled my hair before.  and he knows I love it.

“don’t just say it’s too much.  that won’t help you now.  only “yellow” counts now”

my heels are starting to slide on the tile.

I resist the urge to squint my eyes shut against the pain and instead lock my eyes on his, as if we’re still playing the same game and I have a chance of winning.

I smile a little, and he smiles back more, tightening his hands to fists in my hair.

(we’re both such hams for an audience.)

and god would I be lost in those eyes if my body wasn’t so adamantly singing with pain.

My knees give one more good buckle and I know I can’t stand any longer.  I easy myself back, giving into the increased pain as I get closer to his thigh.  When I finally sit down the pain on my scalp and the relief in my legs are pulled out in three big moaning screams.  I arch back into the sensation as I realize I have fewer places to put all this pain.

he lets up just enough for me to notice that I’m dripping wet.  I continue looking in his eyes as I rock against him a little, daring him to give me more.

and he does.

peals of screams come out of me before I realize I’m the one making them.

he leads my arch back so far I can feel the back legs of the chair starting to lift, but I never once think that he doesn’t have me.

balanced like this I’m caught.  there’s nowhere left for me to go to avoid the pain.

I’m gasping, screaming, my body violently raking against the pleasure

“But they’re not even touching!?!”, I hear someone in the audience proclaim.

and my smile finally widens to match his

One Response to “the daily hedonist: but you’re not even touching!”

  1. Mommy Fiercest September 7, 2010 at 4:40 am #

    SUPER HOT!!!!! Thanks!

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