always stretch before subjugating yourself

3 Oct


On Transparency in Activism: Why Being Anti-Craigslist is Anti-Justice



in his latest video, Maymay talks about how the shutting down of Craigslist has done much, much more harm than good by removing accessibility, transparency, and accountability from sex work listings.

I loved the video so much I ended up watching it several times before coming to the conclusion that this needs more than just a retweet… this shit needs to be shared everywhere.

Basically, the issue is this:

With the sheer volume of viewings Craigslist had compared to other listing sites, it made much more sense for people to post sex work advertisements on Craigslist even though they are more likely to get caught using Craigslist than they would if they were using smaller networks.  Craigslist benefited off of the increased accessibility to its adult section by getting more visits to their site, but they also used the increased visibility in cooperation with law enforcement to make their site more accountable.

Digital sleuthing made it MUCH easier to catch the really bad guys than it was when they had to work through smaller, more secretive networks.

Good guys got to post advertisements easier.  Bad guys got caught more often.  It was a win-win situation.

and now its been compromised.

Sex work will continue to be posted on CL, but they will have moved into the casual encounters section where there is much less of a paper trail available for catching bad guys because there is no fee for posting in casual encounters.

way to go team.


There is one other thing about the censorship that troubles me deeply; the arguments used to support it.

Many of the supporters of the censorship repeatedly lumped sex trafficking and voluntary prostitution into the same category.

They’re not the same thing.  Not by a long shot.

Maymay made this very clear in his video, and has numerous times before.  People who voluntarily* (we’ll ignore economic privilege for the moment) enter shitty minimum wage jobs are not assumed to be the same as those who are trafficked into sweatshops.  But this assumption is made quite often when it comes to sex work.  Unfortunately, human rights are fought for much, much differently when sex is involved.

This particular habit of lumping in all sex work with human sex trafficking saddens me because it’s the same logic that says I can’t chose to enjoy making kinky porn.

because clearly, as a woman (and I use that term very loosely to describe myself) I cannot choose to intentionally and consensually play with objectification, humiliation, or submission without giving into the patriarchy and subjugating myself.

By taking my ability to say yes to selling my body if I so chose they’re also taking away my ability to say no.


because consent is a two-way street like that


(now we see the moral judgement inherent in the system)


(from Steven Leigh Morris's article on Spamalot)

help help! I'm being repressed!



please watch the video

spread the video (sending MAJOR kudos to Maymay for making it)

and talk about it

tell me how the misguided censoring of Craigslist affects you (better yet, tell me what you are going to do about it.)


inquiring minds wants to know

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