Daily Hedonist: Hacker Siren Adventures Part 1

16 Oct


from fetishannex

Alice in Bondageland, Chainmaille Mike, and me



So, I did this thing a while back @fetishannex that completely blew my head in a very, very good way.  Alice in Bondageland came up and we did a really, really fun geeky scene involving me, as a hacker, getting kidnapped by ninjas and then being broken in as a new recruit to their fiendish gang.  We did the shoot at about 3 am and Alice and chainmaille mike had to leave in the morning.  So I didn’t get a much time to process it.  I decided to digest the experience by tweeting for a week as if the scene was still on.

In taking over my own aftercare, I created a monster.

The Hacker Siren Adventures

It started out as a bit of a joke, but now its morphed into a full-fledged erotica with chapters and everything.  I want to start sharing the adventures, but they pick up at chapter 2 after the weeks worth of tweeting and ‘yall are going to need some background first.  (especially because the actual footage of the scene might not be posted on fetishannex for a while)

sorry you have to read it from bottom to top, someday when I’m a more professional pervert I’ll have the software to make it look prettier


~read from the bottom up~

**************UPDATE 10/21/2010******************


Chainmaille Mike and me



It’s posted.  The original scene that blew my head to finely chopped ninja bits has posted.


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