“Make a Sandwich”

28 Oct


KinkyGamerSilas and I on SouthernGents


I recently had an opportunity to shoot with KinkyGamerSilas for Southern Gents.

But since SouthernGents isn’t a kinky site (and most of my sexuality involves kink), we had to get creative.

Food play is one of those things that I’d never included in my spank bank until very recently when I gripped for a FANTASTIC foodplay scene at fetishannex with Nurse Vivienne and Alice in Bondageland.  Ever since then, I’ve had all sorts of naughty food-related ideas, but most of them weren’t curling-my-toes good… just kind of titillating.

But with the combination of food play and my love of edge play, a wonderful idea was born: playing with food I find gross.


Now, I don’t actually find mayo disgusting.  I’m not a fan of it, but I could take it or leave it.  However, I do have a friend with a repulsion to mayo so strong it began to affect me.  His disgust of mayo made me think it was gross too.  Just the word “mayo” makes me scrinch up my nose disapprovingly … but if I think about it long enough I remember I don’t actually mind mayo.

This makes mayo the *perfect* tool for humiliation play.  It’s not so gross as to cross my hard limits, but its gross enough to make me feel dirty, nasty, humiliated etc. when its forced on me.  Add this with the fact that Silas is one of those people I would let get away with pretty much anything, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant plan!

We decided to flush out the scene by using not just mayo (because warm-ups are important, even if you’re just using food) but all the sandwich makings we could think of!  One grocery trip later, we were stocked with white bread, cheese, cucumber, sliced ham, tomato, mustard, and the dreaded mayo.

I was surprised by the results.  The mayo, which I expected to be the grossest part of the whole endeavor was REALLY easy to take.  It actually felt really good.  The tomato felt fucking fantastic, all wet and squishy, and the fact that he had to squeeze it with both hands to get it to burst made it that much more of a release when it finally splashed all over my chest.

No comment on the cucumber.  I’m too full of smiles to coherently talk about the cucumber.

The only parts that were actually gross were things I like in sandwiches… the mustard and the cheese.

The cheese was not of high quality.  We bought cheap because we weren’t planning on eating any of it, just throwing it at each other.  But it smelled gross… like the cheap shredded cheese it was.  It was sprinkled all over my face and there was no getting away from it.

Similarly, the mustard had a VERY strong smell.  Its something I hadn’t thought about because I’ve only ever used mustard in small amounts… but if you squeeze out a cup full or two of it, it smells RANK.  And it sticks to everything.


the grossness of the mustard and the cheese wasn’t a problem though…

it actually turned me on.

sometimes, something as simple as making a big mess can be really, REALLY fun.

and confident though I seem, I spend a lot of time working through sexual shame.  It felt really good to give in, and have really gross, dirty, NASTY sex.  It felt good to give up and have dirty, nasty, messy things done to me.

It felt especially good to fight against it and loose, and end up the messier for it.

(well, almost the messier for it.  I did have my revenge…. but you’ll have to pay for the shoot to see the my revenge) 😉

The fact that the powerful parts of the scene (the grossness of the cheese and the mustard) bring up an interesting point… you don’t always know what’s going to trigger you when you’re playing with humiliation.  Now, everything turned out awesomely… but it’s important to remember that even with lots of planning things can still surprise you.

This is why its important to think about getting support systems in place before playing with humiliation.  I not only trust Silas would stop immediately if I was overwhelmed AND take excellent care of me while I come back to a happy head space, I also know that my wife and many of my friends would help me too if I needed it.  Having a net like this helps me feel secure to play with stuff that grosses me out and stuff that pushes my boundaries.  I know that if my boundaries get stepped on more than I want them to (which happens to almost everyone at some point or another, kinky or not) I will have hugs and candy and Band-Aids waiting for me as soon as I ask for them.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, we both got VERY messy.  By the end my dress was COVERED in condiments (and other things!) by the end of it and, lets just say I’ve never been more thankful to have the domestic genius that I have for a sub. ❤

After about 30 minutes of her scrubbing, my white dress was back to its former glory.

I, however, continued to smell like mustard for the rest of the day.

Price one has to pay to be a dirty little slut I guess.


fucking in the gutter

but looking at the stars


extra points for the Gaga reference (picture from http://vbly.us/2exr)


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