Gender Friday: Furry Walls

29 Oct

So, I have this gender thing.  And its complicated.

Tara Hardy said, on trying to describe her gender, that it eludes her like a cloud.  She gets a taste of it and then it loses form and she can’t describe it… and thats kind of how I feel about my gender.

Just when I think I’ve figured it out, my sense of gender (pausing dramatically for a moment to quote Robert Louis Stevenson) vanishes like a stain of breath upon a mirror.

I’m going to try nailing down this gender-cloud-thing by writing about it every week, because sometimes I can see bits of where my gender is. I’m also going to look for forms of radical masculinity (different ways of performing male gender that don’t necessarily support the patriarchy).*


So without further ado, I’ll start with Furry Walls… or more accurately Russell Brand.

Russell Brand, has a feminine masculinity that strikes a large chord with me.  Possibly because he’s a notorious ladies man.  This doesn’t mean I like feminine guys who like guys any less, I just really admire the guts it must take to perform femininity as a man without the support that the queer community can give.  (Especially if the guy in question can get more girls than anyone else).

I also highly appreciate his fancy pompness.  He pounces and dances throughout the room.  He’s charming, smarmy, and a bit obscene.  Kind of like (and these are his own words) an SM Willy Wonka.

It’s a fancy pants kind of pompness that I find similar to my own and, although a lot of my maleness is lost when I let out that much prancing bounciness, it’s very much like the kind of male I’d be.  Or at least that I think I’d be….

…and the gender cloud gets fuzzy again

damn it


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