about oliverHyde

I’m a polyamorous pansexual trans* genderqueer geek trying to change the world with kinky porn and daily social justice.  When I’m not strapped to a gyno table in a straight jacket, I’m talking about how power and privilege shape our sexualities.

If you want to check out my art (and that’s art spelled P-O-R-N) check out kinklive.com for my cam shows, or my wifeslave’s site at southerncharms.  I’m a girl for pay on Kink, so I’m being paid to use female pronouns… and also to have very kinky sex.

However, in the real world I use male and gender neutral pronouns.

So, please respect that.   Thanks.

If you slip up I will give you a friendly reminder.

However, if you’re being a meanie about it I might have to sick my wrathful LGBT-Rex on you.  Ze eats haters for breakfast.

I also have a tumblr and a twitter that I update constantly.

I also write at Eden Cafe from time to time

I’m also available for speaking gigs but since professional hedonism keeps me pretty busy, It helps to book at least two months in advance.  I charge on a sliding scale, but anything outside of the bay area generally requires at least compensation for travel expenses in advance.  Contact me at realoliverhyde at gmail.com to book.

See here for my FTC disclosure

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