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the covet list: Arthur’s suits

29 Aug

'cause you don't need an awesome suit to be a badass, but it helps

Inception was cool.  It wasn’t without it’s problems, but it was pretty fucking cool.

However it wasn’t the special effects, the trippy imagery, or the creative physics that made it for me.  It was Arthur’s suits.

They were absolutely FANTASTIC… and they were so well tailored.  He’s able to move freely in the suits without anything coming untucked or ruffled.  The lines work incredibly well with his small frame and (while they’re definitely crisp) they’re not stiff or overly starched.

and if you look close enough you can even see perfectly ironed creases in the pants legs when he’s flying around in the hotel hallway

and the vests?  absolutely perfect.

the covet list: Black Straight Razor from Twisted Clinic

11 Aug

Black Straight Razor by Twisted Clinic

***** we interrupt this moment of covet to bring you this special message******



now that the pleasantries have been dealt with, onto the lusting!


I have an instant affinity with most sharp things, but razors like the black straight razor from Twisted Clinic one hold a very, VERY special place in my heart.

It’s very easy to slide open and closed with one hand, it has a slight groove in the handle that makes it easy to control, it’s pretty, it’s scary, and best of all it’s oh… so… SHARP!

The fact that it’s so sharp may seem intimidating, but it comes in very handy.  You’re much less likely to scar someone if you accidentally nick or cut them a bit too deep, but since it takes much less pressure to make it cut through hair… or other things, it’s easy to do a lot of damage inadvertently.  It slides across (and through) hair and skin like butter, so do be careful.

seriously.  do. be. careful.

it’s one of the required things if you’re going to be playing dangerously.  playing with sharps is SO MUCH FUN, but you have to respect it.

take your time.

enjoy it.

think about what it is you’re about to do, how close that blade is going to be to vulnerable spots, and just how in control of yourself you (and your playmates) are before you do ANYTHING.

continuing on…

I have to admit that a lot of my lust for this razor comes form the fact that I’m kind of a huge Sweeny Todd fan.  It shines and reflects just like the one in the movie but for a considerably cheaper price (very nice if you plan on actually using it, even with sterilizing I recommend keeping one blade for each partner and replacing it very often).  I can see my own reflection very clearly in the blade while I’m using it, and frequently catches the light sending very random flashes of light around the room.  It warms up quickly in my hand and, if I’m working in close conditions, I can see my breath fog on the blade.  I especially love how it feels in the first few minutes, before it warms in my hand.  It’s just so damn PRETTY!

In fact it’s so pretty that sometimes I don’t even shave or cut with it. I just take it out for gentle sensation and intimidation.  I love to slowly slide the blunt end across my wife-slave’s skin, up and down her back, across her cunt, gently across her face…

… sorry, got a bit day-dreamy there…

(clears throat)

Aaanyway, since I live right by the ocean, I have to keep oiled (I use 3-in-one) to prevent it from rusting, but since I like to spend some quality time getting grounded and centered with my sharps before I play with them, I don’t mind the extra time it takes to clean before use.  Cleaning it and re-oiling it after the fun feels amazing too, all part of the ritual and processing of intense play.

Lastly, I have a lot of really good things to say about the company that sells them.  Twisted Clinic is the most ethical sex toy company I’ve ever dealt with.  They give excellent customer service and they only sell high-quality products.  They inspect and thoroughly test (that’s gotta be the best job in the whole world!) everything they sell, and if it’s not fucking amazing toy, they won’t sell it.  They also ship discretely.  (full disclosure: I do work with them through my pr0ns at fetishannex, but seriously, they’re really, really, awesome peeps and you should support them. it’s getting harder and harder to find companies that put as high a value on ethics and quality.  it will give you good perv karma.)

and lastly, in honor of the sexiness that is this razor and the Sweeny Todd goodness that inspires my play, I’ll leave you with a clip from the movie


the covet list: Starfighter Panties

9 Aug

Starfighter Panties by Hamlet Machine

I’m pretty obsessed with Starfighter.  Kind of a lot.  Like, one day, I’d love to go to a comic con with a full latex version of one of the main character’s uniforms… or maybe both.  Definitely both.

For those who haven’t heard of the Starfighter comics by HamletMachine, they’re the hottest gay male erotic comic I’ve ever seen.  The timing is perfect, the characters are addictive, and the art is absolutely amazing.  Also Cain kind of takes Abel prison-bitch style.  Except instead of a prison, it’s in space.

oh yeah. it’s that hot.

So, as a Starfighter fan, buttons really don’t cut it.

There’s just too much hotness in the comic for anything but panties.

the covet list: The Dirty Darling Strap-On Harness

6 Aug

The Dirty Darling Strap-On Harness by transaction

The Dirty Darling Strap-On Harness made by transaction is just so… PRETTY!  The fact that I could strap it on and look fancy without necessarily looking feminine (like I do with my corsette harness) makes me feel downright tingly.

also that it’d match all my steam punk gear.  Anything that lets me fuck AND use my pocket watch gets extra points.

It’s handmade, it’s reclaimed leather, and it’s shiny.

what more could one want?

the covet list: Retroscope Dandy Breeches

4 Aug
Retroscope Fashions: Dandy Breeches

Retroscope Fashions: Dandy Breeches

I absolutely LOVE dressing like a man, but not just any man… I want to be FANCY.  Not feather boas fancy, not glitter and sequins fancy, but real old-fashioned fop fancy.

I want to look like Oscar Wilde’s catemite.  I want to look like I’d be perfectly at home as the valet of someone in the House of Lords in 1770.  I want to look like I’m ready to go on a fox hunt… or possibly pick pockets.  I’m not picky.

As far as I’m concerned, these are the breeches for exactly the occasion.

Made by Retroscope Fashions, they’re pretty fucking awesome.

(and I WANT them)